July 19th, 2011

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Athleticism, knees, fat, doctors

From Ragen Chastain, a fat dancer and athlete:

People worry about her knees. She explains that she uses the same care a thin athlete would-- attention to specific muscle tightness and how she moves, and gets excellent results.

The comments include discussion of doctors who use "lose weight" as the default advice for fat people, including one case where the result of delayed diagnosis of cancer was deadly.

If a doctor says "lose weight" without listening or celebrates unexplained weight loss, it's a very good idea to either change doctors or insist on the same treatment a thin person would get.

The Trouble with Proving It is Ragen's account of attempting to prove to people who are prejudiced about fat that she's actually physically very competent. She uses text, photos, and eventually really impressive videos.

The answer she got back was "You're still fat", which says quite a bit about the stability of prejudice.

Links picked up from Big Liberty, a fat liberation newsreader.

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