October 8th, 2011

green leaves

A human finds entertainment in World of Warcraft

Selling mechanical squirrels to mercenaries is more fun than playing the game.
As I’ve labored to demonstrate in the last post, World of Warcraft is based on repetition. You kill ten raptors, then you kill ten ogres, then you make ten hats, then you make ten loaves of bread. After a while, all the different monsters you kill start to look the same, all the things you craft start to look the same. After a little while longer, it gets harder to tell the difference between a monster and a particularly stubborn baked good.

The squirrel selling was always fresh, always new. The customers, the hecklers, the banter…all of it was different every time I logged on, which (the first two days being a weekend) was pretty often. Even when I sold nothing at all, the experience was worthwhile. In a nutshell, the mechanical squirrel simulator was the addiction that the basket-weaving monster-murdering simulator never was to me.

My favorite bit is
[Rutskarn] You, sir, have only concrete personal experience.
[Rutskarn] Whereas, I have nebulous statistics, possibly of my own design.

Link thanks to pedanterrific.

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green leaves


I knew that Ferrett Steinmetz had been working on his fiction-- I checked in on The Watchtower of Destruction now and then. However, I didn't realize he'd become pretty good.

I'd followed a link to iTime at some point, but I bounced because the stereotyping in the first paragraph was a little much, maybe even a lot much.


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Ferrett went to Clarion, his fiction is solid, yay Ferrett!

Link thanks to andrewducker.

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