September 26th, 2015

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Don't trust anyone over 45

Thoughts on the Charleston church shooting and mental illness from someone who has mental illness, though I think it would be possible to think that way without mental illness.
Think about it this way: lead paint wasn’t banned from gasoline until the 1970’s. The average age of the US congress is 62 years old – meaning your average congressman spent about 15 years of their life – you know, the early part, when their brains were still developing – inhaling lead fumes on a daily basis. Lead paint is known to make people forgetful and violent. In other words, our country is lead by people who all suffered permanent brain damage as children, but learned to dress up in suits, say “please” and “ma’am” and all the secret stuff you gotta know to put on a happy face and pretend you aren’t suffering serious damage from the fucked up things we humans have done to each other – not to mention how we’ve treated the less sociable animals.


If the dog were wearing a suit, and insulted your culture, you might think it deserved to suffer –unless you could hear those sounds as the mechanism by which suffering moves itself through the universe. From the anger in a reality model to the pressure of the finger on a trigger, moved and amplified by the firing pin connecting to the charge, ripping valence electrons off of phosphorous atoms and connecting to the oxygen, pushing that anger out, through the bullets and into the larger world, where we are left to deal with the anger which was compressed and compacted into a hateful, cold sneer. There we go again, i’m letting my crazy out. He has the ‘bad guy property’, that explains everything perfectly with no need for further investigation. That’s what i meant to say.

I am perhaps more sympathetic to the idea of suffering moving itself through the universe because of having seen the animated movie of Gibran's "The Prophet"-- the essays have a theme of moving energy food, work, love, etc.

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