November 11th, 2015

green leaves

It's legal to crowdfund businesses and get stock

This could be really important.

I'm not sure whether the restrictions are too severe-- a million dollars a year from small investors isn't very much as businesses go, and less than some kickstarters have raised. Still, getting that million might be a useful signal for attracting larger investors.

One thing I'm hoping to see out of this is improvements in clothes for women. Large-sized clothing is still not very available, though there have been slow improvements over the decades. Maybe someone will come up with a sensible sizing system. There's hope that clothes will be for sale during the season when you wear them.

Mostly, I'm expecting cool new businesses which I haven't imagined.

Oddly enough, by coincidence I just listened to an interview with Chris Sacca, a venture capitalist who said that being a venture capitalist was a bit of a scam-- it's investing with other people's money, with very little risk for the venture capitalist.

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