June 9th, 2016

green leaves

Sentimentality about Communism

Terry Gross interviews Nicholas Casey, a reporter who's currently covering Venezuala and who previously spent some time embedded in the FARC, a revolutionary/criminal organization in Colombia.

Venezuala has become a nightmare-- Chavez and his successor Madoras wrecked the economy and the result has been dire poverty as a direct result of extreme unthinking redistribution. It's not just that the price of oil fell, it's that the government gave away the money which was needed for the maintenance of the oil industry.

What's shocking to me is that, in the second half of the interview about the FARC (kidnappers, rapists, slavers, murderers), Gross and Casey seem to be kind of nostalgic and tolerant about the communistness of the FARC subculture. They're also horrified, but still, I'd say they think the Communist trappings are kind of cool.

At this point, I expect that any right-winger reading this is cracking up. Why didn't I know this already? I sort of did, but this broadcast makes the matter so very clear.

The link is to a transcript. I don't think there's any strong reason to listen to the podcast unless you like podcasts, want to judge what I'm saying about the emotional tone more carefully, or want to hear Chavez' singing.

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