November 25th, 2021

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More to cells than we thought.

We might not know half of what’s in our cells, new AI technique reveals

We didn't know about at least half the structures inside cells. Wanna bet that the kidney cell doesn't have a complete set of structures? Wanna bet some more that the AI wasn't *quite* right?

Should we have been expecting this?

I might start referring to cells as mystery blobs.

"In the pilot study, MuSIC revealed approximately 70 components contained within a human kidney cell line, half of which had never been seen before. In one example, the researchers spotted a group of proteins forming an unfamiliar structure. Working with UC San Diego colleague Gene Yeo, PhD, they eventually determined the structure to be a new complex of proteins that binds RNA. The complex is likely involved in splicing, an important cellular event that enables the translation of genes to proteins, and helps determine which genes are activated at which times. " This entry was posted at Comments are welcome here or there. comment count unavailable comments so far on that entry.
green leaves

Some educational jello

I don't like jello. I think I can tolerate the texture now, but it was off the menu for me when I was a kid.

We were given a pamphlet of jello recipes to choose from. I still remember the one which had slices of cream cheese with pimento symmetrically arranged for ornamentation embedded in it, but since I wasn't planning to eat it, I chose the best-looking one-- green jello with canned pineapple and mint extract. Thinking about it now, I'm a fairly adventurous eater, but I'm not sure mint and pineapple would be a good combination.

As many of you might know, you can't use fresh pineapple with jello, it won't set.

Here's where I learned the thing I will never forget-- I assumed the mint extract would have a top with a little hole so that it would come out in small quantities. It didn't. Half the small bottle went into the jello. I made it anyway. It didn't occur to me to even ask if I could start over.

It was so strong I sat upwind of it.

But, and here's the other thing worth knowing, a few classmates came around for seconds and thirds. One of them said it tasted like chewing gum. So the thing worth knowing is that there are outliers. Maybe you can connect with them.

It's funny that I couldn't even take the smell, considering that one of the quests of my youth was finding stronger mints. Altoids curiously strong mints are false advertising for me. Vick's ice blue cough drops were the best. This entry was posted at Comments are welcome here or there. comment count unavailable comments so far on that entry.