nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Looking for scanner recommendations

What I want is a scanner so I can do a Cafepress shop. I just need it to be a good enough cheap scanner.

Possible candidates: Canon LIDE
Canon Canoscan 8400f Flatbed Scanner, if is reliable.

I can't figure out why my current scanner (a Canon 924) produces jagged edges, even at 600 dpi. I got it from ebay. I suspect it came with crippleware, but I can't find the information about the software warning, and even if I could find it, when I did have the name of the software, it wasn't available online and the website it was from no longer exists. It's kind of like those disappearing magic shops from short stories, but much less interesting. I thought I posted about the details, but that post has disappeared, too. What I've learned from this is to get a new scanner from a recognized seller.

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