nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Help me name a cafe press shop

The new scanner works, and presumably the only thing preventing me from opening a cafepress shop is procrastination, and I'm working on that.

One point of procrastination is a name for the shop. While I believe in theory that business names don't matter much (and probably less so for cafepress--the shop names are in tiny fonts, and I assume most people don't find out about cafepress shops by their names)-- most major businesses have really boring names-- I'm still snagged by wanting a good name.

It won't be anything about nancybuttons. I'm expecting that many of my customers won't have heard of NancyButtons. I'll put a mention of nancybuttons (a link if possible) in a subtitle.

I'd like it to be something that relates to my choice of slogans (I like "At the Speed of Truth", but it doesn't seem to resonate with other people) or is funny in itself.

Otherwise, what slogans would you like to see on t-shirts?

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