nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

The low probability zone

This is McCain's campaign consultant speaking:
Q: Are you committed to working for and supporting McCain no matter who the Democratic nominee is?

McKinnon: If the Democratic nominee is Barack Obama, I will not work in the general election. I will, however, still support and vote for John McCain. I just don’t want to work against an Obama candidacy. I think a McCain vs. Obama race would be a great choice for the country.

Q: Have you decided to back Sen. Obama if he is the Democratic nominee?

McKinnon: Not if John McCain is the nominee. (McKinnon said it is “too hypothetical” to say whether he would vote for Obama over a GOP nominee other than McCain.)

This isn't an error by the newspaper; I heard McKinnon say it on NPR this evening. He also said that word about his not wanting to oppose Obama got out because a confidential letter was leaked.

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