nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Panels at Boskone, and an elf's reply

sartoriaswrote a recent and very interesting series of reports on Boskone panels--check for "Bittercon" in the subject line.

In particular, about the attractiveness of elves, and whether we are or should be sick of elves, gave rise to superversive's interview with Maglor, one of Feanor's sons, and a spectacular thing it is, too.

It's a little unfair-- the original panel premise twitted Tolkien's elves for being angelic rather than excessively cool-- but it's still spectacular.

One other Bittercon thought: iirc, Tolkien defined myth as a story which is so strong that it sticks in the mind no matter how plainly it's told. I like it, but there may be a problem with definitions which are only about the successful members of a category.

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