nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Very bad news if true

Dallas police say the secret service told them to stop checking for weapons at Obama rally this past Wednesday.

This is extremely ugly if it's accurate, so I want to check on it. The claim that the secret service told the police to stop checking is hard to verify, so I want to start with something easier. Was anyone on my friendslist or anyone they know at the rally? Were they checked for weapons?

If this is true, what then? What's a reasonable way of applying pressure so that the Feds at least can't be so blatant?

I wish I could say that I believe my government wouldn't behave like that, but I'm not that trusting.

It wouldn't even have to be racism-- it could just be going after the Democratic candidate who's more likely to win the general election.

Is there any way to track whether white hate groups are being monitored at least as actively as usual?

Link from supergee.
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