nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

"Involved in a prostitution ring"

Dammit, Spitzer hired a prostitute. This is not the same thing as being involved in a prostitution ring.

When the news came out with that pseudo-euphemism, I thought Spitzer was running a prostitution ring in his copious spare time, though I suppose investing in one would have been more plausible.

In any case, the story is considerably less interesting, though the hypocrisy and political consequences are extreme.

Related language complaint: I wish English had one word for advocating a rule you don't obey and another for enforcing a rule you're not obeying.

Addendum: madfilkentist recommends "hypercracy" (above the law) for enforcing rules you don't obey. Pass it on.

Aside from enforcement, there's the shame thing. If you advocate a rule with a tone of "almost everybody lives by this rule, and those who don't are vile" while not obeying the rule, that's problematic enough to deserve some harassment.

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