nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

New slogans for Icon

The beading will continue until morale improves

Cats are VERY lucky they're so cute

I do not consent to a search

I don't need to walk on water--I'm running on coffee

I keep telling my inner child to use its inside voice, but it won't listen

I knit so that I don't kill people

It"s hArd to type while HoldiNg a bAby

I proofreads lolcats

I proofread the world

If you have a government that doesn't torture, so many things are so much easier

K2P2 K2P2 Ribbed for her pleasure

Metaphors be with you

A page a day is a book a year

Still not Queen


You can print money, but you can't print trust

little buttons:

Mundis vult decipi

VERY bad wolf

Footnotes Things I believe would be easier if you have a government that doesn't torture: more honest justice system, more accurate intelligence, lower medical costs, fewer torturers in the population, foreigners have fewer good reasons to hate you, less risk of torture over political disagreement.

K2P2: Each knitted stitch has a nubbly side and a smooth side. If you make the stitch so that the smooth side is towards you, that's a knit. If you make a stitch with the nubbly side toward you, that's a purl. Enough rows of knit two stitchs, purl two stitchs with the smooth and nubbly bits lined up, and you get a ribbed surface.

TGIשׂ: That's supposed to be a shin, but it's an awful typeface. The idea is "Thank God (or G-d) it's Shabbas".

"Mundis vult decipi" means "the world wishes to be deceived". It was said often in Cabell's fantasy novels.

"Bad Wolf" is a Doctor Who and elsewhere thingy. I don't really have the context, but I thought making it into VERY bad wolf would make it funnier.

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