nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

On writing about T'ai Chi

Well, writing for the lj is already an education--I hadn't realized that writing anything interesting about T'ai Chi would be so difficult/not a default. While the sort of thing I've written could still be useful for me as practice and class notes, if T'ai Chi were as dull as I make it sound, I wouldn't have been doing it for 20-odd years.

Aside from doing more introspection and putting in more effort when I write and rereading some of my better T'ai Chi books (reviews will follow when I've got that amazon link set up--does anyone actually make money from those?) with attention to what they're actually doing, are there any lj's with substantive writing about T'ai Chi or other movement arts? Or good stuff about writing about hard-to-specify sensations?
Tags: introspection, t'ai chi, writing

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