nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Tangential non-humor

Somewhere in the many posts about the thing that ate livejournal, Heinlein was criticized for never portraying a woman saying no to sex. It occurred to me I'd never seen that in fiction anywhere so I asked if anyone else had. It was buried deep in a thread of what used to be unusual size, so I was lucky to get a reply at all. However, the reply was about only being able to think of two cases, and in both of them the woman was raped.

So, can you folks think of examples in fiction of women saying no to sex, and if so, what happened after that?

Addendum:: Thanks for all the replies. I'm especially interested in cases where the woman says no, she and the other person never have sex, and nothing awful happens.

I realize this is very undramatic, but as part of life it should turn up now and then in fiction.

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