nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Polidori Chocolates

The Seven Deadly Sins, as truffles.

Polidori Chocolates is a new mail order chocolate company that's offering truffles at a reduced price to raise early capital. It's a sweet deal.

They ranged from very good to excellent. with most of them at the excellent end of the spectrum.

I'm especially fond of the chocolate-covered home made marshmallow, Gluttony (milk chocolate with Heathbar bits-- who'd have thought that adding a strong butter flavor to chocolate would work so well?), Lust (pomegranate and dried Bing cherries-- sweet and weird), and Wrath (chiles, clove, cinnamon, and ginger-- just the thing if you like fairly hot). Sloth (chccolate and peanut butter) was very nice, but I almost didn't get around to mentioning it.

Now they're offering Gothic Weekend, which is two each of semi-decadent truffles based on the Shelley/Byron/Godwin/Polidori(?) get-together.

The Seven Deadly Sins are still available, either as a mixed group or as single-sin batches.

Temptation thanks to shadesong.

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