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More T'ai Chi

Remembered more from class--hands need to face each other a lot of the time, but it doesn't have to be palms directly opposite each other--that tends to be forcing things. The same applies to "holding a ball"--the hands and arms can be anywhere on the surface. What's important is keeping the arms/shoulders/upper body open and not jamming or pulling on anything.

And the lower hand needs attention as well as the upper hand--the lower hand has to be someplace where it's actually got a chance to protect a knee or the groin or something, not just vaguely in the air. I mostly worked on the stuff in the first paragraph, though.

These are both really valuable--a lot of what Dave Borofsky (my teacher) and I have been working on lately has been cleaning up the effects of earlier teaching approximations.

Still no comments on T'ai Chi stuff. Maybe it should be a separate lj?
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