nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Recent button slogans [1]

The angels have the phone box

The beading will continue until morale improves

Because I'm the agent, that's why

Cats are VERY lucky they're so cute


A ghost just stoppd by to say "Boo!"

I do not consent to a search

I don't need to walk on water--I'm running on coffee

I have this great idea-- all YOU have to do is write it!

I keep telling my inner child to use its inside voice, but it won't listen

I knit so that I don't kill people

I proofread the world

I pruofreedz lolcats

If it's such a wonderful idea, YOU write it!

If life hands you limes, ask for salt an tequila

If money is the root of all evil, it must be imaginary

If you have a government that doesn't torture, so many things are so much easier

I'm such a lousy cook, I can't even boil toast

Available at NancyButtons.

I'm still fiddling with "I pruofreedz lolcats". Pruuffreeds? Proufreads? Lolcatz? Lollkats?

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