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Tam Lin

There's a completely spectacular site about Tam Lin. It's got links to versions of the ballad, text about and related to Tam Lin (including scholarly work, fiction, related web sites, and fan fiction>, sheet music and discography....and on and on. Check out if you like Tam Lin or just want to see how extensive an interest in one cool thing can make a site.

One side effect of poking around the site is that I think I'll be getting back to playing the recorder. The net and the internet had supplanted recorder playing in my life. Little did I realize that the net is full of sheet music!

In particular, there's a jig called Tam Lin--nothing to do with the ballad, apparently, but the Tam Lin site has a link to it anyway. A small mystery--the comments describe the jig as going from D minor to A minor, but it sounds to me as though it goes to C major. (It's the same notes either way, afaik it's a question of whether you think it sounds cheerful or not. That's a big afaik, and I bet music theorists think about it some other way.)
Tags: good comments, music

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