nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Inventing past lives for the cats

Gillian is excellent at hypnosis/seduction. You can think "well, I'll just pet her for a moment" and ten minutes later, you're still petting her. She also seems to put more work into finding new ways of being cute than the average cat. In a past life, she was a courtesan.

Perse is a hedonist, even by cat standards. She seems to get more out of being petted or brushed than most--you get the upright vibrating ecstacy tail when you brush her. I think she's had a number of past lives as felines, and enjoyed all of them.

Ra is a cranky cat. suecochran describes him as melancholy. I suspect he doesn't like that "small enough to be picked up" thing and I believe he used to be the mayor of a small town. I've started calling him "Your Excellency" and reassuring him that he'll have his own town again some day. However, I wonder if I'll regret my offer to let him have the thumbs next time.
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