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Political Rally

Last night, I went to a big screen showing of the DNC at Independence Mall in Philadelphia. I'd never been to a political rally before, and Obama is a major orator, so why not?

Unfortunately, I'd say that his speech was merely workmanlike. It was good (allowing for the amount I disagreed with), but there was nothing spectacular. I'd say the crowd was pleased, but not nutso enthusiastic.

Richardson and Gore gave better speeches.

Biden was one of the happiest people I've ever seen. I can understand him being pleased, but was a little surprised that a veep nomination could make someone that happy.

I was pleased to hear blunt statements that torture was unacceptable. Unfortunately, there were from preliminary speakers, not from Obama.

Obama didn't mention civil liberties either, though again, they did come up in the earlier speeches.

The message of unity pretty much stopped at the US borders. There was very little to suggest that it matters how we treat non-Americans. The cost of the Iraq war is the American dead. On the other hand, "we fucked up and hurt other people" isn't quite consistent with "hope".

Obama did mention nuclear power as part of his energy plans.

And I'm still left wondering how he intends to pay for all the social programs he wants, though I grant it isn't the level of detail that would fit into a medium-length speech. He talked about going over the Federal budget line by line. Are there enough helium funds to make up the difference? (A fast google didn't turn it up, but long ago, Dave Barry wrote an essay about feds keeping a helium reserve in case we need zeppelins. The cost of that reserve is more than he will ever pay in taxes.)

Ok, I admit it, I'm weird, and a speech tailored to what I want to hear might not help win the election, but if you really want to have more American jobs, why not put a leash and muzzle on the TSA?

Music: Stevie Wonder did a nice job on "Signed, Sealed, and Delivered". I was beginning to wonder of there was going to be any rap or hip hop. After all, that sort of music has been around for over 20 years, which means that a lot of Obama voters have it as their adolescent imprint music. Eventually, some very soft and rockish rap ("Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now") was played, and a fair number of people got up and danced. I show my ignorance of popular culture-- I was pleased and surprised that there was a standard dance so that it was like being in the middle of a musical.

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