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Directions of the numinous
Magic for me is sinking into a vast web of power just above the physical world, not (as I've heard from many pagans of all sorts) reaching down into the power of the earth and the natural world. I'm certain the destination is that same, but the road is quite different.

I'm not sure how you sink into something that's above.....

I'm going to ask a question, but first I'm going to say that it probably won't make sense to some of you.

Malone's Psychetypes gets into the Jungian personality types (like Myers-Briggs, but with more theory), and the difference between Sensory and iNtuitive is that S's believe that the perceptible world is the fundamental reality while N's believe that fundamental reality is within, beneath, above, or beyond[1] what can be perceived.

Anyway, while I'm not the N-est N you'll ever meet, I lean pretty strongly in that direction. I think of the real world as being behind/within the perceptible world. And I think of it as stuff that's everywhere which can be contacted with enough attention. It isn't a web.

So, do any of you think of the real world as being in a direction relative to what you can perceive? If so, which one? Any other features which can be put into words? Now that I think about it, "direction" is presumably either visual or kinesthetic? Could other senses come into play? I can almost imagine thinking of the real world as being a higher or lower pitch than the perceptible world.

What do you feel as the relationship between the real world and the perceptible world? I think they're closely related, but I gather that not everyone does.

[1]Not intended as an exhaustive list.

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