nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Suffering from rant deficiency?

From Cintra Wilson's upcoming Caligula for President:
Anyway, my point is this: Those of you born to less powerful families than mine really don't have any idea how to use the tools of unlimited nepotistic power, irredeemable corruption, unlimited resources and the unchecked aggression to wield them all to the fullest possible extent. You haven't been bred for it, and you should thank your lucky stars you weren't.

Power corrupts, but absolute power is brain- fryingly hallucinogenic.

It's like any hard drug -- unless you grew up doing it, you're a lightweight. With great power comes great responsibility; but with absolute power, your mind becomes clamped with intolerable pressure from every possible angle, until it finally spits itself inside out like a six- dimensional eyeball made of white fire. At that point, "absolute responsibility" reveals itself as the Zen paradox of absolutely no responsibility or accountability whatsoever.

And I recommend Wilson's novel, Colors Insulting to Nature.

Link thanks to cucumberseed.

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