nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Good cartoons

ritaxis recommends Krtek, a series of Czech cartoons. They're utterly charming.

If this one and the one about painting that I've seen are typical, the mole links up with a bunch of other small animals to build or create, and to scare off a threat.

ritaxis makes a political point that such a premise is un-capitalistic. I don't know if she has a point, but it's a premise that can obviously lead to any number of excellent cartoons, and I don't know of any western series like it. (I'm no expert on popular culture and I might easily be missing something-- let me know if I am.) Not just excellent, but obviously better than the endless pointless chase cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Pepe LePew, though that may be unfairly comparing the best to the second rank.

I like the animation style a *lot*. It's obviously not terribly expensive, but there's a lot of pretty and it doesn't skimp on emotional expressiveness. It's been a while since I've seen classic American cartoons, but Krtec seems emotionally normal compared to the classic characters from this end of the world. He shifts easily between fear, curiosity, and joy rather than having a few compulsions.

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