nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

I wish all lj tags worked in previews

I just wasted some time on my pirate poll entry because the poll didn't show up in the preview so I kept fiddling with it until I checked the faq. Just like lj-cut, you just get unhtml-ish text when you preview a poll. *Some* tags, like lj-user and links, do work. Is there a list of what doesn't appear in previews?

Until recently, I've been reluctant to use cuts for spoilers because I felt I couldn't trust my proof-reading and couldn't check the cut in preview. Now that they've added the drop-down buttons at the top of the "post an entry" page, I can use lj-cuts serene in the knowledge that if they don't work, it's not my fault. I just wish they had blockquote as an option.

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