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I don't think these two conspiracies can be true at the same time.....

The bailout is a Republican plan to loot the treasury.

Republicans Released Ad Attacking Dems For Passing Bailout-- Before Vote Failed

Well, I guess they could both be true, but it seems like an excessively complicated plot, and if it was tried, it didn't work.

Other than that, here's a fine Don't panic, they're trying to con you parable, and a description of the emotions around this that matches mine remarkably well, except that he's saying "what's happened to my friends list?" and I'm saying "what's happened to my lj?"
I knew that food prices and energy prices and oil prices and rent prices are all going crazy, I know the most erudite and storied of our financial institutions are collapsing invisibly and silently just like the GLACIERS. But my brain is wired like an animal brain, not a god brain or a machine brain. I can't feel the difference. For all of this, I keep going to work, they keep paying me and that keeps being enough to keep me afloat. My expenses change and things get harder but there is not, from here, a cataclysm. When it hits, I don't know what I'd be able to do about it. I suppose this is why our reactions always have to be semi-mystical.

Not quite my situation, but my health is decent, I'm not worried about money, and the weather has been excellent-- some rain, but the temperatures are lovely and there's been enough sunlight. It seems like we're heading for trouble, but there's been so much emergency-mongering with nothing happening in my immediate vicinity that I just don't feel it.

That being said, I'm comprehensively pissed off about them using raising FDIC insurance to $250,000/account to sweeten the bailout so it will pass. I realize this is politics as usual, but if the increased insurance is a good, overdue idea, they should just do it instead of holding it over people's heads to pass something the public doesn't want.

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