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Political miscellany

Even if the financial system can only survive with help from the government, how sure are we that the current US plan will work at all well, considering the Bush administration's general record?


A few days ago, I was talking with some Obama campaigners. I mentioned that I was voting for him, but was concerned that civil liberties and opposition to torture seemed to have dropped off his agenda. They agreed that those issues had in fact dropped off the agenda. In other words, they didn't try to bullshit me, which is something.

On second thought, choosing Biden as a running mate probably means that torture isn't off the agenda.


McCain is opposed to requiring retirees to sell the stock from their 401Ks at age 70 1/2. Who thought that requirement was a good idea in the first place, and why?


Bob Barr made a good point on NPR this morning-- where has the Justice Department been in all this? There's been a tremendous amount of just plain fraud, and I haven't heard about prosecutions for anything specific. Have you?

On the other hand, he doesn't seem to understand religious freedom. Marty Moss-Cowain brought up Barr's support 10 years ago for not allowing Wicca in the US military. Barr said that it wasn't a matter of religious freedom, it was about good order in the military. At first he believed it when he was told that Wicca was a problem, but later arguments (information?) caused him to change his mind. I give him points for mental flexibility, and I'm pleased that principles and facts ended up pointing in the same direction, but it definitely was a matter of religious freedom.

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