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Why use a cellphone when you can put your head in a fire?

Please, fanbrats, remember that when you write HP, you're not writing in our current time period. This world moves fast, and the series covers 1990-1998, so those ten to eighteen years DO make a difference. And yes, I know, if you're only fifteen, you might not remember, but it's not that hard to research, although please try to remember that part of why Hermione uses books so well is that there was no Google or Wikipedia.

And if you want, ask some old, you know, in their twenties. Maybe even someone who's 28 or so, like Harry would be now. I know, breathtakingly old, but our minds haven't entirely gone yet.

Now that I think about it, the Muggle tech seemed kind of low for 1990. This is a matter of feel, I don't have specific examples in mind except that I think I was online by then and I'm not an early adopter. When would you say the books were really set?

And thinking about Hermione.... would you trade modern information tech for the ability to do magic?

By the by....I have memories of memories of when Eisenhower was president. I do remember when Kennedy (the first one) was shot.

Link thanks to metaquotes. Post title thanks to cyberninjasio.

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