nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Who are you gonna believe, some economist or the Klan?

On the individual level, voting doesn't make a lot of sense. Democracy means putting in one bit per election cycle, and I don't mean your own personal bit, I mean that the whole electorate puts in a bit, and you contribute a little bitty bit of that bit. You've got a chance in tens of thousands, I think, of personally swinging an election.

And this assumes that your vote gets counted.

On the other hand, democracies tend to be better to live in than non-democracies, and I use the very simple metric of which countries have immigration problems versus which countries have emigration problems.

Using a similar approach that people have a fairly good idea of how to attain their ends, it's obvious that groups which want to retain a grasp on power don't like voting. They don't have it at all, or they make it totally corrupt, or they terrorize voters. That last is actually kind of surprising when it's so easy to fake results. Tentative theory: aside from the practical effects of voting, even moderately honest elections are the government showing respect to citizens, and citizens showing respect to each other.

So you might as well vote.

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