nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

America's luck

After 9/11 and still more, the Bush administration, I was worried that America's luck was gone. It isn't reasonable to believe in luck, but....

However, I kept saying, and saying, and saying, "Well, at least they chaotic evil, so we've got a chance".

I'm not taking away anything from Obama and his campaign's extraordinary hard work, good sense, and intelligence, but if Bush et. al. had been attempting to rule for the generations, or for that matter, if bin Laden's primary focus had been the US, it would have been much harder.

Tentative theory on OBL and why there haven't been small Palestinian-style attacks in the US: he only likes the big attacks, and he's mostly interested in fighting other Muslims.

A lawful evil administration probably wouldn't have gone into Iraq, and might have attacked OBL directly. It probably wouldn't have made such a mess of Katrina. It certainly would have gotten warrants for its wiretaps. It would have told us to sacrifice and transform ourselves into a warlike nation after 9/11. It might have been able to get a draft. I still suspect that the R's lost control of congress in 06 because being in charge wasn't as much fun any more, so they didn't put in enough work to steal the election. I don't have the foggiest about whether a lawful evil administration could have avoided or postponed the economic meltdown

It may well say something good about America that even at our worst, we weren't able to come up with a lawful evil administration.

Instead, there happened to be a tall (always an advantage in presidential elections) thin (fat gets no respect, muscular would set off scary black guy fears) black politician of extraordinary intelligence and charisma. You don't get politicians like that when you need them because you deserve them. You can (collectively) choose to elect them, but you can't make them happen in the first place.

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