nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Wither the Republican party?

Or as Charlie Brown would say, "I wonder how the other side is feeling".

Seriously, it looks as though the Frankenstein monster (oh, to be a political cartoonist!) is coming unstitched.

America has evolved into a two party country. So does the Democratic party split? Do the "my party has abandoned me" Republicans become a distinct force? Afaik, they don't have anyone obvious to coalesce around. I don't think the Religious Right has enough support any more, but that might be excessive optimism. The free market folks (and I still need to do a post about all that) are discredited now, but I don't have the foggiest about whether anyone has good theory about what to do about the current mess. The neo-cons are in better shape than the free-market folks (things are better than they were in Iraq-- you can't say that about the economy), but not good.

Palin is an interesting question. Ghu knows, I never want to hear her voice again-- it's not so much the folksiness, it's that little shriek-- but she likes winning, and I've never seen a person so comprehensively humiliated for not knowing enough. From what I can gather, she isn't stupid, she's just very practical in a somewhat short-sighted way. So she might actually learn the things she was supposed to know as potential President, at which point I have no idea what she'll believe or whether she'll be able to build popularity.

Prediction is hard, especially about the future, but what do you think?

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