nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Speculating about bottom-up solutions

I think part of the financial problem (aside from failure to think, especially at the top) was too much hierarchy. To the extent that there were people throughout the system who were dubious about what was going on, they couldn't get significant traction.

I wish this had happened twenty years later. Anything box tech would be a lot further advanced. At this point, 3-d printers are really limited.

I don't know if the net will make some kind of stable money possible (I'm expecting inflation when the bailout money finally makes it to the markets). I don't have a particular scheme in mind, but money has entirely been based on trust for a long time, and there may be ways of getting trust to work on the large scale without having government backing. I'm concerned that if people need and start creating an alternative currency, it will be made illegal. This is good enough for cyberpunk but I'd rather not live there.

The only flat-out stupid thing I've heard Obama say was that he wants international regulation of financial markets. If it goes bad, there will be disaster on a much larger scale. And there's no way to guarantee that it won't go bad.

The current mess (so far as I know) mostly started in the US. Imagine the same things going wrong everywhere.

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