nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Goldendoodle hell

And heaven forbid you try to do any home improvement. Don’t do any gardening, since Doodles thrive on a steady diet of mud and earthworms, which they will then vomit all over your freshly-cleaned carpets. Oh, once, I painted a floor. Having understood by then that I was not harboring a canine but a small demon in dog form, I blocked off the only door to the room. The dog still managed to walk in the paint and then played a game of fetch with himself. All over the house. The paint, mind you, was bright blue. Not that I think you have painted floors at the White House, but this is information you need to know– right! The porch. I don’t know if the White House has a wooden porch, but if you ever have to stain one, the dog will promptly roll in the fresh stained areas. You will then have to strip and restain the deck, and shave the dog.

You know how people say that if you adopt a real mutt (not one of those named cross-breeds), you don't know what you'll get.....this has always mystified me, since there are nasty problems you get with purebred and designer dogs which are somewhat predictable.

To be fair, in the midst of all the horror stories there is one commenter who says they have a great goldendoodle.

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