nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Making the snark more original by misunderstanding it......

Honest to whatever, I read this as being about corporations and governments, and it took reading the comments and going over it again to see that it was primarily about religion rather than just alluding to it.

Superman is real. It says so right in these comic books. Superman, through the comics, also tells me that you aren't fully a human being. I will now get the government to say you're not a real human being, and raise millions of dollars to do so! Luckily, millions of my friends believe in Superman too and he tells THEM the same thing as me - that you're not really human. And if you complain about it YOU'RE the bad guy, and it means you probably hate Superman! Why don't you respect me and Superman?? Are you trying to restrict my freedom of SPEECH!? Are you some kind of tyrant or nazi who won't let me properly call you nonhuman, which you are, because Superman said so in Action Comics #187. And now I've gotten the government to say so too, in the name of Superman! He's probably waving happily to us right now!

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