nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Maybe a silver-leaf grenade would be a better idea?

How to make silver bullets is about an effort to replicate the Lone Ranger, though my first thought, of course, was werewolves.

Silver isn't a very practical material for bullets....
There were problems with the waste materials, not to mention heating the Lyman mold to a white heat to keep the silver from hardening before it hit the botton of the single cavity model. And when the bullets came out, they were pretty as bits of pre-historic jewelry, but they weren't much as bullets. They looked as though they had suffered a bad case of smallpox or whatever non-organic disease pits silver.

On the other hand, there wasn't any thought given to such mass production as would certainly be done if there was a serious werewolf problem, but that's the sort of thing that fails to happen if a crucial project falls into the hands of people who are imprinted by decades old tv kids' shows.

Those guys are clearly geeks, but not geeks as we know them.

I have a vague impression that the Lone Ranger left a silver bullet as a trademark, but did he actually shoot with them?

Anyway, the essay is an example of one of my favorite sorts of humor-- the effort to made things work vs. an obstructive universe..

Link thanks to Making Light.
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