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And furthermore......

The Gabriola Complaint Choir is a real choir and makes everyone else sound bad.

Lots of complaint choirs at youtube-- collect them all!

Poll #1303313 Crucial Question

Should complaint choirs smile?

Yes. It's too much fun to expect people to keep a straight face. However, grinning is excessive.
No. Haven't you heard of....acting? They're funnier when they look serious.
People expect me to care about whether complaint choirs smile.

Singapore: excellent piano and singing (crap sound quality), political backstory and translation. A solid complaint choir.

Poiikilaasko: Children's choir. Girls are stupid, boys are stupid, Santa Claus is stupid.

Sointula: A solid set of complaints from a co-op. Seems to have been independently produced, which is not always a good idea.....see below.

Coro de Quejas: The singing and dancing are dire. For all I know, the lyrics are funny, but no translation is available.

Penn State: Technically not completely hopeless, though they have a point about those white guys doing rap. They are completely unclear on the concept: The point of a complaint choir is not to tell people that they ought to conserve energy.

Back to the good stuff: St. Petersberg: Exemplary complaints. Interesting culture and sexual politics.

Helsinki: One of the first and still worth hearing again. The "It's not fair!" chorus is exceedingly fine.

I was going to complain about the clear and convenient organization of the complaints choir site (shouldn't it at least be an ugly color?), but the forum isn't available. And trying to play one of the videos broke my browser. Back to youtube.....

Malmo. People don't bother to include umlauts, and other people might think this is a request for advice on how to post umlauts. After a slow beginning, the choir warms up and shows that it can both sing and act. Good complaints, too.

People become conoseurs of complaint choirs. I have to look up connoisseur because I couldn'r remember the spelling well enough to just use my spell checker.

Jerusalem. The subtitles are dark red and blur out against dark backgrounds-- about half the time. The complaints choir site doesn't have lyrics. The singing is good enough.

As It Happens: A solid Canadian choir. james_nicoll could write better lyrics. They don't even mention being next to America.

I'm running out of sufficient attention and enthusiasm to review all the complaint choirs.

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