nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Ok, I admit it, people are ruder than hell

Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk about creativity-- she wrote a surprise best-seller called Eat Pray Love about a self-directed non-drug cure for her depression after(?) a divorce. She went to Italy to enjoy the senses, a very rigorous meditation course in India(?-- it's been a while since I've read the book) to get behind the senses, and then Bali (?) to combine meditation and the joy of life.

In the speech, she talks about how people would keep coming up to her, very worried, and say isn't she afraid of-- and I'll tell you what they asked in the first comment. I guessed they would ask her if a non-drug cure for depression was safe and stable, but it was worse than that.

Aside from the bit I'm ranting about, I recommend the speech. It's got a very interesting take on the creative process, a description of what it's like for a poet to perceive poems coming at her, Tom Waites on how he developed an adult relationship with his tunes, and some history of how people think about creativity.

Link thanks to shadesong.

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