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Joint stuff

First off, it turns out that I'd been misinforming people about nightshades. There's some evidence (less than I'd thought) that not eating nightshades can help a lot with arthritis. However, potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants are nightshades. Contrary to what I'd been saying peppers (hot and sweet) are not nightshades. They do (unless I'm wrong again) have the alkaloids which might make arthritis worse, but less of them.

Tomorrow night (May 14), Global Teleclasses is offering a free class about Secret of Injury & Pain-Free Intelligent Performance: Joint Mobility from Scott Sonnen. I'd done some stuff from his books and liked it enough to consider the class worth trying.

I have some personal experience with joint issues, but not much as such things go. I get some flack from my knees, probably as a result of medium-sized injuries. Glucosamine has helped (I couldn't tell a difference between chondroitin and sulfate). The Five Tibetan Rites, a sort of cross between yoga and calesthenics, have done them a lot of good. I needed <a href=">The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan: T5T: The Revolutionary Exercise Program That Restores Your Body and Mind</a> to learn them properly. After I'd been doing them a while, I noticed that the muscles around my knees felt stronger, and going down stairs became generally not a problem. Recently, I'd been getting pain from a joint in my left index finger. I've never injured it and I don't overuse it. I've found that moderate amounts of gentle movement (using my right hand to move the joint a bunch of times) has cleared up the problem. I'm not saying that all arthritis can be cured with alternative methods, but there's a lot of cheap safe stuff that can be worth a try.
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