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Possible anime slogans

MajikCraft will be selling my buttons at Anime Boston, and I'm going to add some anime slogans. She's sent me some possibilities. Let me know which ones you like, and any other anime slogans or movies that'd be good.

"Need money for Karate lessons. Ninjas killed my family"

*Terminator Button: absolutely will not stop, ever, until you have read.*

Cult classic Buckaroo Banzai turns 25 this year:

*I've been ionized, but I'm okay now.
Laugh while you can, monkey-boy.
History is made at night. Character is what you are in the dark. *
And the most important one of all: *No matter where you go, there you are.
General silly anime fannishness:

*Everything's better with

I might do that as a checklist.

HALF Demon. Guess what the other half is?
Will (Glomp/Yaoi/Yuri) for (Pocky/Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai/Ramen/Ramune)

Another checklist, I think. I need to come up with a line about indecisiveness meaning that you get all the options.

Warning: I glomp!
'The Man' took my sign.
Who needs Signs when you've got Buttons?* (Signs have become a 'security
risk' at many conventions, also, deemed by some staffers to be a form of
prostitution, because they typically offer 'something' for 'something'..
"Hugs: $1." "Will Yuri for Pocky," "Will glomp for Hentai," etc, etc..)

One Piece:
*Three -T-w-o- swords are better than one.* (The word Two would be crossed
out, Three might look like it's been written in at the last minute?)

Final Fantasy:
*Kingdom Hearts: Everything's better with zippers.

Cosplay, Gothic Lolita, Drag/Crossplay, and what goes with:
Ball-Jointed Dolls. They're everywhere. Commonly refered to as BJD, the
creepy expensive dolls the Goth Lolis carry with them.
*My BJD made me do it.
Slowly drowning in taffeta and lace.
You say 'Drag' like it's a bad thing!
Crossplay: It's okay to like it.
Crossplay: Go ahead, you know you want to.
Goth Loli. Deal with it.
I made it myself. What's your excuse?
What do you mean, '(Pink/Green/Blue/Purple) isn't a real hair color?'
Real Cosplayers make it from scratch.

*Go green, think steam.
Hey baby, wanna see my airship?
Your airship or mine?
The world will be saved by steam!
Wrench Wench
Hench Wench
Pervy goggles fancier
(Faraday/Tesla/Poe/Lovecraft) is my homeboy*

Full Metal Alchemist: New series has started recently. Time to revive it!
*Who are you calling short?!?
Secretly cull of kittens
Don't make me transmute your ass!
*alt:* Don't make me transmute you!*

General internet nerdiness and random bits from other obsessions:

*You've got red on you
Famous on YouTube
Flickr this!
Big in Japan. Not so big here.
I am the terror that flaps in the night!
There's no lovin' like nerd lovin'
Damn the pants!
This button is a clever trap designed to make you look at my chest.
Bigger than Godzilla.
I'll get you, my pretty!
What the heck's a Samoflange?!?*

Green '*ON*' button, red '*OFF*' button.
Reversible button: *Good twin/Evil twin
*Arrrrrrr you ready?*

From Bleach:
(And funny even out of context..)
Sanity? I don't remember ever having anything that useless.
"You are stupid and therefore wrong" - Hitsugaya Toushirou
"Admiration is the emotion farthest from comprehension" - Aizen Sosuske.
I do believe you've killed my hat.
Authority never goes anywhere without fanfare.

not from, but about Bleach: My Squad can beat up your Squad
(I suppose that would go for Naruto: My village can beat up your village..
Then again, any "village" quote might work.. uhm.. Or maybe not. "Your
village hidden in the leaves called, their idiot is missing".. Maybe?)

Perhaps a segment of this?: Live to the fullest, Ichigo. Live to the
fullest, age to the fullest, go bald to
the fullest... and die long after I do. And if possible, die with a smile.

*Death Note*, very popular. I wish I knew why, it looks attrocious...

Because I'm Kira
I've won! Exactly as planned
I'm L
I wanted you to be Kira
Watashi wa L desu
" Don't make me repeat myself" Sakujo Sakujo Sakujo Sakujo
Those two quotes could be combined somehow
"I'll take a potatoe chip, and.... EAT IT!"
Misa: "I can't imagine living in a world without Light!"
L: "Yes... That would be dark."
I'm a... Pervert?

From Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long-Blog:
The hammer is my...
It's curtains for you. Lacy, gently wafting curtains..
What a crazy random happenstance! (that word doesn't get used enough
anymore, really!)
I've got a PHD in Horribleness
Or, for any fan of Joss Whedon, I suppose "Grr, Argh!" could be a funny

Re: He-Man:
No, *I* have the Power!

Watchmen came out this year, and it was sepctacular. I'll dig some of those
up for the next mail. Maybe a few buttons that just look like Rorschach
tests? (symmetrical ink blots, that is?)

There's a new Mortal Kombat movie due in 2010. How about rehashing some of
those old lines?
*Sonya Blade <>*: A handful of people on
a leaky boat are gonna save the world?
*Lord Rayden <>*: Exactly!

*Johnny Cage <>*: I'm in a hostile
environment. I'm totally unprepared. And I'm surrounded by a bunch of guys
who probably want to kick my ass... it's like being back in high school.
*Liu Kang <>*: Flawless victory!
*Liu Kang <>*: You can look into my
soul, but you don't own it.

This is where you fall down.

Why, how many tails do you have?
I survived LineCon
I'm just here for the rave
I'm just here for the (yaoi, yuri, fanboys, fangirls, cosplayers,
crossplayers, line, free stuff, ladies...)
This *is* my other costume
I cast Magic Missle at the darkness!

"When I become Führer all female officers will be required to where tiny
mini skirts!"

"Loyal canine, how we salute thee!"

"Is there no alchemy technique to burn a person through a phone?"

Edward Elric-

"He knows about me? What's going on? I don't think I did anything to make
people mad... Actually, I did... But I didn't do anything that makes me
deserve to be killed!"

"Damn it, there are so many idiots whose a**es I have to kick! I'll have to
start carrying a list just to keep track of 'em all!"

"If I were normal sized, I wouldn't have been able to get through... I'm
glad that I'm small... No! it's not good!"

Riza Hawkeye to Mae Hughs

Babies aren't born after just 5 months!" *Slams phone down*


"I feel like I'm being shaken down for my lunch money..." - Kyon, The
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

"Then I'll just say that they all wanted to (*deleted* but you get the idea)
her!" -Haruhi Suzumiya when she was extorting a new PC from the computer

"You Look like six pounds of crap packed into a two pound bag." -Desert Punk
referring to the very well endowed Junko when she was forced to where a sexy
bathing suit and red high heals. Anime Series: Desert Punk TV

"Panties, Panties, Panties" - Chii (Chobits)

"High School Girls, High School girls, one two three, High School Girls"-
Shigure (Fruits Basket)

"Good ol' Zenigata, the archetypal Japanese man. Totally devoted to his
work." - Lupin III (Lupin III)

"Come on, scribbles on the bathroom wall, please show me the path that I
must follow! " - Excel (Excel Saga)

"Lupin! Don't you dare die before I get to arrest you!" - Inspector Zenigata
(Lupin III)

"A man can't just live on carbohydrates alone..." - Spike Spegiel (Cowboy

Feel free to post more I know there are tons more that are very funny.

To wit, "A man does not live on what he eats, rather he lives on what he
digests." -Viktor Shklovsky

As for anime:

"A true top is one who believes in her strength to the end!" -Nono,
my favorite quote from ghost in the shell: stand alone complex:

Major Motoko Kusanagi: Look at the bright side, if this doesn't work, we can
all go drown our sorrows at a nudie bar.
*"It takes an idiot to do cool things. That's why they're cool..."*

Anything Tim Burton (Nightmare before Christmas, Coraline, Edward
ScissorHands) gets the Hot Topic crowd - and because he's popular in Japan,
the anime crowd. Funny how that works.

Ouran Host Club is gaining popularity now. I know nothing about it yet, so
I'll have to get back to you on this. Gay Highschool Boys seems to be a
popular theme lately @__@

I don't know that there's anything very quotable from Totoro, but there must
be some good jokes out there. I'll listen around.

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