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Buttons at Lunacon and new slogans

I'll be at Lunacon--there'll be these new slogans plus the big batch I put up in January. I can update my website now, so all the new slogans are there, too.

____Your hair is gray. MINE is silver.
____Books. Cats. Life is good.
____Have I talked to you about my parrot in the past five minutes?
____Owned by a parrot
____Happiness is biting your parrot back
____If you don't talk to your cat about catnip, who will?
____Gay marriage--haven't they suffered enough?
____Gay marriage--haven't we suffered enough?
____I'm the most expensive thing you'll ever think you got for free
____10 HEADDESK, 20 GOTO 10, 30 END
____First Rule of Night Ops: There is no Night Ops. Second Rule of Night Ops: What happens in Night Ops, stays in Night Ops.
____I'm not pompous. I'm pedantic. Let me explain it to you.
____Change is inevitable. Exact change is appreciated.
____Belly-dancing--the most fun you can have with (half) your clothes on!

Thanks to wolfdancer for the parrot slogans.

If you'd like to order buttons for delivery at Lunacon, please get me the order by Wednesday. If I get the order Thursday, I'll try, but I'm not making any promises.
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