nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Something else I'd like to see in a romance

For whatever reason, I don't like conventional romance novels, even though there are some love stories (McKinley's Sunshine, Bujold's Komarr) that romance readers like that I like very much.

For the most part, though, romance novels seem to be about falling in love with someone you have good reasons to mistrust, and having it all work out anyway.

Some of this crystalized for me when I read Durgin's A Feral Darkness, an otherwise pretty good science fiction and horror mix. The heroine even has a small business, which is always a plus for me. However, she's in love with Scary Infuriating Guy. This is more annoying because Scary Infuriating Guy has a younger brother who doesn't withhold important information from her. (All this is from memory.)

I want stories where the heroine figures out that a romance hero is more trouble than he's worth, and chooses someone who is better news. One time when I was ranting about A Feral Darkness, a woman told me she'd lived my preferred version.

I realize that what I want is probably not crackfic for the general public, but I've never seen a example of it at all.

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