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No legislator left behind

By Ed Reid in comments to Assymetrical Information, March 8 (trackback theoretically at --the link doesn't seem to work:

I believe that, at a minimum, no legislator should be permitted to vote on any bill he or she has not read in its entirety. I would prefer that no legislator be permitted to vote on any bill before he or she has passed a test regarding the major elements of the bill, including both actual content and projected impact.

We could refer to this as the "No Legislator Left Behind" program. I suspect it would result, if successful, in the passage of many fewer bills, as well as in the simplification of the remaining bills so that the legislators could understand their contents. This would also make it easier for the rest of us, who end up being bound by the provisions of the resulting legislation, to understand the new rules under which we must function.

Scary thought, ain't it! Imagine, for example, the Tax Code written at the same degree of difficulty as the front page of the local newspaper. There used to be (may still be) a piece of software which would analyze the educational attainment level required to understand a section of text. I can only imagine the result it would provide if used to analyze randomly selected sections of the USC or CFR.

You might want to take a look at the article and comments, too--they're a multi-partisan attack on the recent bankruptcy bill.
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