nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

"Noises Off!"

You know the idea that if you pay too much attention to conspiracy theories, weird stuff starts happening to you?

Well, "Noises Off!" is a movie (originally a play) about people putting on a bedroom farce, and quickly enough, their lives turn into a mess of conflicting relationships, impulsive lies, and slapstick.

Or, as Checkhov said, if a cactus appears in a comedy, someone is going to sit on it.

I first heard about this movie in rec.arts.sf.fandom (this is probably the result of the right search, but the link is broken) with a claim that the play was the funniest thing ever-- the movie is extremely funny but not nearly that good.

Still, I recommend it if you like that sort of humor and haven't seen the play.

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