nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Your brain has a cartoon part

In a TED talk about visual hallucinations, Oliver Sacks says there's a specific area of the brain which is activated when one recognizes, draws, or hallucinates cartoons. (13:53)

So I looked for whether Scott McCloud had anything to say on the subject, and found this.

Unfortunately, the link to the Korean study doesn't work, but there's a more detailed discussion of identification with cartoon drawings than realistic drawings here.

I don't know if the existence of cartoon section of the brain has any implications for drawing. At least, I would hope that my well-read friendslist might know of a cartoon or so on the subject.

Where poking around McCloud's blog, I was reminded of the Zoomquilt, which is still a lot of fun.

TED link thanks to shadesong.

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