nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

A pleasant soup

I was thinking of doing a chili, but I didn't use a recipe and ending up with a soup that doesn't at all resemble a chili but which I'm quite happy with.

some olive oil
a cup or so of cooked kidney beans
a pound of buffalo burger (available from Trader Joe's)
2 medium-sized sweet onions
2 ears of corn (cut off the cobs)
some hot peppers of various sorts-- I think only one or two of the smaller ones were vicious-- call it 5 tablespoons' worth, with the total average not far off medium
a can of cooked tomatos, including the liquid-- maybe twice the size of a Campbell's soup can
a cup or so of chicken stock* and corn left over from a previous project

I chopped up the onions and peppers and pan-fried them in the olive oil. I think I started them at a high temperature, then turned it down. Soon after that, I broke up the hamburger (TJ's sells it in frozen patties), and added it. When the hamburger was brownish but not completely cooked, I put the hamburger, onions and peppers in a pot with the tomatoes, corn, beans, and chicken stock, and simmered it for a while-- maybe two hours.

*whole chicken simmered in store-bought chicken broth, so the result is pretty rich. I don't skim off the chicken fat.
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