nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Custom 3D laser cutting

Ponoko sells custom laser cutting for plywood, felt, bamboo, etc. and has online shops if you want to sell what you've made.

I'll experiment a little more with virtuously using flikr for images, but this may not be worth it to me. It seems like it takes five or ten times as long as hot linking. Send image to my computer, send to flikr (this will be easier now that I've recovered my yahoo id, but I'll still need to sign in every two weeks), write the article at flikr instead of at livejournal (change a habit), go back to lj to edit (at least to put in my icon), and lose control of the formatting (or at least figure out how to get away from flikr's default). Oh, and figure out how to manage more than one image per post from flikr.

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