nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

If a deputy steals a document from a file in court....

and is caught on videotape, what do you think might happen?

Probably not this:
# The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office announced on Tuesday that Stoddard would surrender to jail ahead of his midnight deadline to aplogize. But when Stoddard showed up, the jail refused to book him, citing a “clerical error.” Stoddard insisted on spending the night in jail anyway.

# Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced he has filed a federal lawsuit against the county and its judges, alleging a “widespread conspiracy” against Arpaio and his officers. Arpaio remarkably and apparently with no self-awareness whatsoever called the county a “good ole boys network,” and commented that he had “never seen these kinds of things occur in the justice system.” Arpaio also called Donahoe’s contempt finding against Stoddard a “vendetta,” and said, “For political reasons, [Stoddard's] been thrown to the wolves.”

nor quite this much flamboyant lack of respect for law and civil order.

It's a fascinating case of police being under partial control. They aren't being violent, which goes to show the power of cultural hypnosis. Mind you, I'd rather if things were more honest and orderly and less fascinating.

This story has been unfolding at The Agitator.

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