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Possible anime slogans

A wholesaler for my buttons went to an anime con--not only did the usual slogans do reasonably well, he collected a slew of possible anime slogans plus comments from his customers about them. Which ones do you guys like? Do you recommend anything other than my usual calligraphy for them?

Sit Boy
(Surprisingly this got a lot of favorable response)

*Sore wa himitsu desu
(Approx. "It's a secret", in Japanese)

Cat Girl
(Favorable response but not as much interest as "Sit boy".)

Do You Otaku?
(Suggested black button with red lettering. I don't know if
this has any significance or if the person just liked the colors.)

*Art is life. Without art comic books [variation: manga (Japanese comic
books)] would be but brief novels.
(Some really liked this one.)

*Moon Prism Power
(Popular--from "Sailor Moon")

Warning--Otaku approaching
(or some variation)

*Glomp if you love pocky!
(It's an anime thing. A number of people liked my original "Honk if
you love Pocky" and with discussion the final version got 2 anime terms
"glomp" and "pocky" onto 1 button which might make it more popular. You
could try some of each and see which version is more popular...or do

*Mullets are only hot in 2D
(Popular, especially with girls. It refers to a haircut. I didn't
get it until it was explained to me but was among those that got a lot of
favorable response.)

*If the art is pretty, who cares if it's porn?
(More interest than I expected.)

*My boyfriend is a magical girl in disguise

*My name is Winry Rockbell. You killed my parents. Prepare to die.
(An anime version of "Bambi" which was also popular.)

Privileged Insane (or We are the Privileged Insane)

I'M what goes bump in the night
(This may have more potential @ SF cons)

Broccoli fears me... (Vegetarian)
(This could be a total dud or slyly popular. It has non-sequitorian
verve.) (Hmmm, non-sectarian/non-sequitorian there's got to be a pun of a
button in there somewhere.)

*Beware! I forgot to take my crazy pills this morning.
(This got good response. A few suggested take out the crazy and do
it as: Beware! I forgot to take my pills this morning. More seemed to
like it with the "crazy" in it. You could try it both ways.)

Don't Feed the Otaku
("Otaku" is anime for "fan", approximately. Maybe
more like "fanboy" denotatively.)
(Var.): Feed the Otaku
*(Var.): Don't Feed the Otaku (with slashes thru the "Don't")

In desperate need of a fanclub; admittance: one glomp

*Glomp Me!
(I believe "glomp" is to fiercely suddenly hug someone from behind.)

Behave sit boy
(also popular)
*Behave! Sit, Boy
(Maybe the best variation. I got a long story of the anime that this
comes from. It seems to be an anime equivalent of "Play it again Sam" in
that as Bogart said "Play it Sam" and never said "Play it AGAIN Sam"
in "Casablanca", the character in the anime just says "Sit" and not "Sit
BOY" or "BEHAVE! sit BOY". Nobody suggested just "Sit!".

I love you or do I?

IP--Insane Pain is Fun (Maybe at an S & M con.)

**Destroy Tokyo all you want...We'll make more! (A personal favorite)

Pretty Evil Cuteness
(Var.) Pretty Evil Cuteness! I'll take a dozen to go
(Var.) " " " Gimme a dozen to go

I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorger...I'm distracted by all the T&A

I'm not dead, I'm only mostly dead (from The Princess Bride)

Have fun storming the castle! (also Princess Bride)

Love and Peace
(from an anime--got good but not as good a response as say
"Sit Boy")

*Three, Two, One...Let's Jam!
(Well liked, can't remember where it's from)

(Japanese for "cute" or "cuteness") (Popular)

(Japanese for "You Dumbass!!") (Popular)

Are we dead yet? (Suggested for concoms)

I had the answer, but I lost it in my mind

*Anime, my own slice of heaven
(Originally "my own little slice..." but some suggested taking the
"little" out. Seemed popular. You could try it both ways and see which
is more popular.)

*Rewind the tape, I can't read that fast (Very popular)
(Var.): Quick! Rewind...

I got caught in traffic behind a cabbit
(Refers to an anime but didn't get a lot of favorable response.)

Never turn down free food

*You've got some NERV (No "e" on the end of NERV; an anime reference.)

Sleep? Sleep? What is this word "sleep" you speak of?
(Var.): Sleep? What's that?

*Anime conventions, the place where White People really dance
(More favorable feedback that I thought it would get.)



(These relate to homosexuality and were very popular...and not by
gays and lesbians but among teenage girls! Go figure. Hentai I think
means homosexual. Yaoi is boy/boy. Yuri is girl/girl.)
(A suggested variation was to replace the "O" in "Yaoi" with the symbol
for male and the "I" in "Yuki" with the symbole for female.

*Pocky is life

*Anime is life

Speak you Engrish?
(Var.): Speak you bad Engrish? or Speak you bad English?

Got Glomped?

Got Pocky?

This is fun!

I'm a fantasically gay man trapped in a woman's body (Good response)

Shoujo (I don't remember what this means)

Free Hugs
(By the end of the con there were a number of teenage boys with
homemade signs around their necks or on their shirts with variations of this
sentiment. Sometimes "free kisses". There may be a market among these kids.)

Have you glomped your fanboy/fangirl today?
("Glomp", I think, is a sudden fierce hug from behind a person.)

15 year old homocidal, suicidal, emotionally disturbed terrorist boys on

These last few suggestions came in late enough that I couldn't
how much they appealed to other anime fans

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