nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Is there a demand for clear-headedness?

A online freelance writer discovered that it was possible to put a career together under a male name, but not under her own name.

The difference in how she was treated under different names was huge.

I'm horrified and angry at the degree of prejudice, but it's also clear that decades of direct work to cut back on the level of prejudice haven't had a lot of success.

And what I'm not seeing is techniques for paying attention to what's in front of you (like the quality of a piece of writing) rather than being distracted by the gender of the author's name.

I'm not seeing people asking for those techniques, either, but maybe I just haven't heard about them. I'd like such techniques for myself.

I realize that gender, or race, or whatever blindness isn't the solution all the time, but it would help with a lot of things.

Link thanks to supergee.

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