nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

A forlorn political hope

Have the Tea Partiers said anything about the War on Drugs? It seems as though they should be against it-- it's a presumptuous invasion of personal freedom, and it's hideously expensive.

Ghu knows, I'd rather not be looking to them for hope, but there's no promising large scale political opposition to the War on Drugs (just some moderate progress on medical marijuana). Libertarians aren't great at organizing, and as nearly as I can tell [1], any other opposition is the very occasional judge or prosecutor who's gotten disgusted with the ineffectiveness, cruelty, and corruption of the WoD.

In America, it's typical for third parties to never win, but to have some of their ideas adopted by the two major parties.

[1]In other words, let me know if I'm missing something-- the last time I asked (on usenet, so it was a while ago) about opposition to the WoD from the left, I was given a bunch of names, but they were all comedians. There were no politicians.

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